5 must-have handbags for every woman of style

Women go crazy over handbags and they need different types of handbags for different occasions. So, we brought you 5 must-have handbags for women on the go.

Handbag, for women is a functional fashion accessory that display their sense of style and social status. That is the reason why women go crazy over the ‘it’ bag of the season and wait in long queues just to buy a handbag from their favorite luxury brand. Women love to have a collection of handbags so that they can wear a handbag that matches their outfit on any given day. So, we brought you 5 must-have bags for women on the go-

1. Medium sized Shoulder bag:

A good shoulder bag is something a woman need to have in her closet. Shoulder bags come with one strap or 2 parallel straps to wear over one shoulder. They usually have compartments inside to keep things organized so that you don’t have to search through the whole bag for a lipstick. Shoulder bag is something you can wear to a fashion scene, for special occasions and as well as for work. It will not only help you carry your things but also gives you the comfort of holding a hands-free bag.

2.  Chic Tote :

Tote bag is the most functional handbag I have ever seen. It is super convenient to carry in your hand. It is larger in size and has the capacity to carry more number of items than any of your usual handbags. So, women find it very comfortable to use it as a shopping bag. Totes were first made only with canvas but now they are available in lot of other sturdy materials, colors and designs. So, make your style statement with a chic tote this season!

3. Slaying Sling:

Sling bags are usually worn across the body and are also referred to as cross body bags. Other than backpacks, sling bags have become the most popular choice among young adults for outings as well as college purposes. They are stylish, comfortable and suits best on casual outfits. So, you tell me what kind of woman won’t want to have at least one sling bag in her collection?

4. Classy Clutch:

Clutches are small, strapless handbags that fit in the palm of your hand. They can hold few personal items  such as  money, credit cards, lip balm etc. So, you can carry a clutch bag when you need just these essential things with you. Different clutches serve different purposes like party clutches for parties, day clutches for  daytime and night clutch for nighttime. When you know you have something good with you, you’ll feel good. So brighten your day with something better!

   5. Sassy Satchel:

A satchel is a handbag, usually with one shoulder strap. It is a structured bag with its own unique style. Even though it has a strap to wear over the shoulder, people generally wear it by the elbow. Satchel is perfectly suitable for working women as well as casually-dressed women. So, it is surely one of the 5 must-have handbags for women on the go.

Handbags are no more considered as just containers that are used to carry your personal items. Although most working women prefer to have their handbags from a luxury brand, for daily purposes, a utilitarian bag would be good. So, if both quality and comfort is combined, everything is bound to work well. A true handbag lover would have all the 5 must-have handbags for women on the go. More than anything, handbags should be stylish, spectacular and of good quality.

I like sling bag the most because it exactly matches my style and I feel comfortable with it. Let me know which one do you like the best in the comments section below!

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