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21 Genius Summer Beauty Tips

Look-good tricks for summer Summer is all about lightening your beauty routine—ditching your foundation and blush for a simple swipe of bronzer and letting your locks succumb to their natural waves. The flip side to warm weather's unbuttoned ease is its ability to make your whole look, well, melt.  "Harmful UV rays are the most obvious culprit in causing wrinkles and brown spots, but they can also make your skin and hair appear dry, so you look older than your years," says dermatologist David

17 Best Beauty Tips To Follow In Summers

1. Moisturize Moisturizing is absolutely essential. Simply moisturize, there are no two ways about it. You may think that winters are over, and skip that part of your regimen, but no, not happening. The problem with summers is the extreme heat that dehydrates your body and makes your skin dry. Dry skin is prone to damage and dullness, and you need to butter it up to make up for the moisture loss. The moisturizer acts as a barrier for pollutants, bacteria, and sunburn. Choose a non-greasy,

10 Winter Skin Care Essentials For Perfect Skin

To protect our skin from getting affected by the drop in temperatures and the cold winter winds, these are the 10 winter skin care essentials you must have                                   Winter is that time of the year when your skin needs the most care. It does not mean that you should not care for your skin during other seasons but your skin gets greatly affected during winter. The cold winter winds lack moisture which makes your skin dry and flaky. Dryness of the skin may lead to several

6 Best Face Washes For Clearer Skin For Girls

Using a face wash is the first and foremost step for a clean and clear skin that any girl would dream of. So, we have come up with top 6 best face washes for girls.                       Face wash is a facial care product to wash your face off any impurities and oils that are settled on the pores of your skin. Before the introduction of face washes, soap bars were used to wash both face and body. But the most important thing we have to notice is that our skin on the body differs from our facial

Best moisturizing body lotions for a glowy soft skin

Similar to facial skin, your skin on the body also needs moisture and nourishment. So, to achieve that, we have come up with top 10 best lotions for girls.                   Body lotion is usually applied  to provide moisture to the skin. In the recent times, skin care awareness has increased among teenage girls and young adults. Everyone wants to keep their skin smooth and silky. After all, who wouldn’t want a beautiful and healthy-looking skin, right? So, the first step to achieve that is to

Makeup Tips: How to makeup your lipstick last longer

Lipstick should be right on the lips and not smeared and smudged all over. So, we have come up with 6 best and easy tricks to make your lipstick last longer.                       Lipstick is a cosmetic product that gives color and texture to your lips. For most girls, lipstick would be the first makeup item they ever used. It not only makes your lips look attractive but also widens your smile. Lipsticks are available in different shades and each shade gives a hint of the wearer’s mood. Women

Review: Yellow Chimes Sparkling Colors Bracelet for Girls

 Bracelet is an accessory that adds style to any outfit. The Yellow Chimes sparkling colors bracelet is an 18k gold plating bracelet with a definite beauty to it. Jewellery is loved by all women and a gold or gold plated bracelet is the ultimate accessory for any special occasion. The Yellow Chimes sparkling colors bracelet is a gorgeous 18k gold plating bracelet that has luxurious sparkling stones of different colors on it. It has a premium finishing with smooth cuts that allow it to gently

White and Gold rules the festive season!

  Festivals are the times where we all make an effort to look extra special. So, with glamor and grandeur, let’s step into the festivities in white and gold.                                Festivals are auspicious occasions that call for celebration with friends and family. We keep aside all the stress we have in our every day life and embrace the joy of togetherness. During this time, women love to adorn themselves with jewellery and beautiful ethnic wear. So, by following the most loved

5 Stylish Outfit Ideas with Jackets

Jackets are part of a woman’s style statement and they like to wear them almost everywhere. So, we have come up with 5 stylish outfit ideas with jackets. Jackets are no longer considered as winter wear. Be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, jackets are worn through out. They add a definitive style to the outfit and women just love to wear them. Thanks to the designers, jackets are served as fashionable protective clothing . Although there are many different types of jackets, the 3 most

5 must-have handbags for every woman of style

Women go crazy over handbags and they need different types of handbags for different occasions. So, we brought you 5 must-have handbags for women on the go. Handbag, for women is a functional fashion accessory that display their sense of style and social status. That is the reason why women go crazy over the ‘it’ bag of the season and wait in long queues just to buy a handbag from their favorite luxury brand. Women love to have a collection of handbags so that they can wear a handbag that