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Lip Care: 6 Tips for soft lips

Skin on our lips is very different and sensitive than any other part of the body. They lack sweat and oil glands that help keep our skin moist. So, it requires a lot of extra care and attention to obtain soft and beautiful lips. But a lot of people don’t actually care about their lips until winter season when they become dry and chapped. Prevention is always better than cure and for one of the most attractive part of our face, we definitely need to take good care of them. Girls are generally

15 Effective beauty tips for teenage girl

Beauty starts with skin and hair care. But when children hit puberty, their skin and hair gets affected. They may develop skin problems like acne, oily skin  and perspiration and hair problems like changes in texture and pattern. Silky hair might turn into frizzy hair, straight hair might turn into wavy and wavy hair might turn into curly. So, it is very important for teens to follow skin and hair care routines to have flawless skin and healthy hair. 15 beauty tips for teenage girl that