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12 Clothing Hacks for Men | Cool Clothing Tips And Tricks


Clothing hacks for men

1. Roll up your sleeves

If you roll up your sleeves you look more manly and rugged but it looks better if you roll it up without a tie so if you don’t wear a tie roll up those sleeves it also looks nice if you wear it with a nice watch because it just complements the watch and it just stands out a lot more. Let’s discuss more about the clothing hacks for men.

clothing hacks for men

2. Shorten your shoelaces

Shoelaces are made to kind of fit all sizes right but they tend to be too long for some people so when you go and tie them they’re too long and too fluffy and it doesn’t look good at all so just replace them with shorter ones or make them short for yourself use .

clothing hacks for men

3. Vaseline for difficult zippers

If you struggle to unzip or zip up your jacket or any other clothing just add a bit of Vaseline and it will zip if up a lot smoother . Let’s go for more clothing hacks for men.

clothing hacks for men

4. Wash and dry your clothes inside out.

If you wash and dry your clothes inside out it will last a lot longer because it is more gentle on the side of the clothing that the people actually see .

clothing hacks for men

5.  Get some double-sided tape

When you wear a nice slim fitted shirt sometimes you will expose your skin especially if it’s a little bit tight so just add the double-sided tape and you can move as much as you want without showing any skin.

clothing hacks for men

6. Use water spray and a blow dryer on a wrinkled shirt

To quickly get the wrinkles out of the t-shirt to spray it with a little bit of water and use a blow dryer to dry it and the wrinkles will be gone .

clothing hacks for men

7. Fix a wrinkled color with a flat iron

If you wear a shirt with a wrinkled color it will just look low-quality and just very bad so just fix it by using a flat iron and your shirt will look a lot better.

clothing hacks for men

8. Put your smelly jeans in the freezer

There’s a lot of people that don’t wash their jeans too often I do but if you don’t like to what you can do is put your smelly jeans in the freezer why because the reason why your jeans start to smell is because the bacteria transfers from your skin to the gene and so the low temperature of the freezer will kill the bacteria that causes the bad smell .

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clothing hacks for men

9. What can you do about shrink clothes

All you got to do is use fabric conditioner and water to unshrink them how do you do it, just mix the water and fabric conditioner in a bowl then soak your shrink clothes in it for around 15 minutes then just stretch it out and leave it to dry.

clothing hacks for men

10. Use dryer sheets

Now you can use dryer sheets to remove the white stains underneath your arms you can also try and use Nivea for men invisible black & white.

11. Tighten the shoelaces in right way

clothing hacks for men

You know when you’re walking and your shoelaces just becomes undone or they loosen so what can you do about it just tie them the other way around .let me explain you most guys tie their shoelaces this way around right but over time your bow goes vertical and it also starts to loosen now this is how you want to tie it the first step is the same second step is also the same but now instead of going over the loop you go under it and pull the lace through now you’re bow tighten as you walk instead of getting loose the bow will also lay nicely across the shoe now.

12. Inserts sneaker in your shoes.

And the last but not the least clothing hacks for men is as You know when you have those nice pair of shoes but they are just uncomfortable or if you buy new ones and you have to kind of get used to them you get blisters and well that sometimes happens with certain shoes right so what can you do about it well just get some sneaker inserts they are so comfortable and you can wear them with all your shoes.

clothing hacks for men

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