12 perfect Friendship day gift ideas every girl would love

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Friendship day is right around the corner and it’s the best time to say how special your friends are to you. Here are some friendship day gift ideas for girls.

Friends are very important in everyone’s life. It’s with them we share a lot of things and they are the ones who know us the best. We can be ourselves around them and they won’t judge us. If we are doing something wrong, they will be the first ones to correct us. They laugh with us at our silliest jokes and support us through tough times. Isn’t life so much better just because we have friends? And what can be a better occasion than a friendship day to let your friends know how much they mean to you?

Here are 12 perfect friendship day gift ideas for girls would love


Chocolates are perfect friendship day gift ideas for girls. Girls love chocolates. You can gift a box of chocolates on any occasion and they will be very happy. In case your friend has any particular chocolate that she prefers over others, giving that one as a gift will make her realize that she is special for you.

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2. Customized T-shirt

Customized T-shirts are very unique friendship day gift ideas for girls. T-shirt that shows the characteristic of your friend will be a fun thing to gift her. One word description like dreamer, achiever, thinker, creator, etc., would make her realize that you actually know her inside out. T-shirt in her favorite color is like icing on a cake.

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3. Stationery

Anyone who loves art and creating things would most definitely love stationery. Be it post-its, planners, pens, markers, table stands, she would absolutely love them. Girls take particular interest in choosing colorful things so make a note of it. Don’t forget to check what’s new on Amazon as they always have a great collection.

4. Book

A good book is said to be a great companion in a person’s life. Find out the genre she enjoys the most and surprise her with a book from a best-selling author. If she has any particular series that she likes but could not read the latest release yet, giving it to her as a present would most definitely make her happy.

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5. Greeting Cards

Although it seems to be the old way to gift someone a greeting card, it never fails to move the heart of the person who receives it. You can make one yourself or buy it in a gift gallery but make sure to put in all the words you ever failed to express. Trust me, she will treasure it.

6. Soft toys

Soft toys are the cutest things ever. It’s so hard not to like one. Most girls like cute things and they would be very excited to receive one as an unexpected gift from a friend.

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7. Personalized phone cases

A phone case that is personalized with your friend’s favorite color and a short quote that perfectly describes your friendship would be really cool. It’s something she can keep it with her always. Even when you are not with her, it will make her realize that you are still there, right by her side.

8. Photo journal

Photo journal is something you can create yourself. Buy a journal, gather all the photos that captured the special moments of your friendship together and write a note about each of those moments. It is a special way to say how much your friendship really means to you.

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9. Coffee mug

A coffee mug that is personalized is always a good thing to gift a friend. A good or silly photo that you both have clicked together and a quote that would energize her everyday is a great way to tell her that you care for her. And she will be reminded of it whenever she sips her coffee.

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10. Movie Tickets

Everyone loves to watch movies with their friends, don’t they? If your friend has any movie that she eagerly waited for to release, buy her those tickets and watch it with her. After all friendship day is for friends to meet and have fun.

11. Wallets

Wallet is a necessary item for everyone when they step out of the house. Girls carry it as a fashion accessory as well. So, a trendy wallet that exactly suits your friend’s personality and style would be really appreciated by her.

12. Gift Cards

Last but not the list of course Amazon Gift card is best friendship day gift ideas for girls & you could never go wrong with. Any gift card from your friend’s list of favorite things would make her very happy. If she likes to shop, give her a gift card from her favorite store and she will jump at the sight of it. If she likes to watch movies or TV shows online, gift her a Netflix card and it would make her day.

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