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beauty tips for teenage girl

Beauty starts with skin and hair care. But when children hit puberty, their skin and hair gets affected. They may develop skin problems like acne, oily skin  and perspiration and hair problems like changes in texture and pattern. Silky hair might turn into frizzy hair, straight hair might turn into wavy and wavy hair might turn into curly. So, it is very important for teens to follow skin and hair care routines to have flawless skin and healthy hair.

15 beauty tips for teenage girl that every teen should know

1. Wash your face

Due to hormonal changes during teenage years, excess oil is produced within the pores and causes acne problems. So, to avoid that you need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. This is the first and foremost beauty tip for teens to start with.

2. Exfoliate

Gentle exfoliation is needed to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin blocks the pores and causes acne. Just any regular washing does not help much as the dead skin cells could be hard to remove sometimes. So, exfoliation is important and needs to be done at least twice a week.

3. Moisturize

Washing with a soap or any cleanser makes your skin dry. So, to make it hydrated and healthy, apply a moisturizer immediately. If you have oily skin, go for an oil-free moisturizer.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin from getting affected by the harsh UV rays. Continuous exposure to the UV rays might cause sun burns, premature aging and even may lead to skin cancer. So, using a sunscreen with SPF 15+ is very essentialfor beautiful and healthy skin

5. Lip care

Always use a lip balm. It prevents your lips from getting dry and makes your lips feel soft. If you want to add a little shine to your lips, you can go for a suitable lip gloss.

6. No foundation Make up

Teens don’t actually need foundation. Foundation is generally applied for even skin tone. During this age, your skin is already beautiful. Applying foundation only makes your face look cakey and you don’t want that, right?

7. Hydrate your skin

Hydration is the key for a healthy, glowing skin. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday in order to prevent your skin from premature aging due to dryness. It is a natural and easily available beauty tip for teens.

8. Avoid popping pimples

It is common among teens to have acne problems. But you should at all costs avoid popping the pimples. Otherwise it leads to serious scarring and skin darkening.

9. Sleep well

For teenagers, a good sleep of 8-10 hours everyday is recommended. During your sleep, the body’s hydration is rebalanced and it helps you to have a glowing skin. Not having the right amount of sleep only causes dark circles and under-eye bags.

10. Oil treatment

Applying oil at least once a week is really good for hair. It provides moisture and prevents your hair from getting split ends. Massage your hair with oil as it helps in blood circulation which in turn helps in hair growth.

11. Shampoo

Use a suitable shampoo that will cleanse your hair without completely removing the natural oils and making your scalp dry.

12. Condition your hair

Washing your hair makes it dry. As your body needs moisturizer, your hair needs a conditioner to add moisture and make it smooth and shiny.

13. Don’t brush wet hair

Wet hair is very delicate, fragile and more susceptible to breakage. So, do not brush your hair while it is still wet.

14. Use wide tooth comb

Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, using a wide tooth comb is recommended. It helps detangle your hair more effectively without much hair loss.

15. Protect your hair from heat

While using a hair straightener or a curling wand, don’t use them at high temperatures as it causes hair damage in the long run. Before you start styling, apply a heat protection spray when the hair is still wet.

 Teenagers really do care a lot about their outward appearance. Having flawless skin and healthy hair not only helps you feel beautiful, it also boosts your self confidence. So, it is very important for every teen to know and follow these 15 beauty tips.

Try them yourself and let me know your experiences in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share these beauty tips with your teen friends so that everyone can enjoy the benefits!

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