20 Effective Mens Dressing Tips Every Guy Should Know

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mens dressing tips

These mens dressing tips could be helpful to all men over 14 years old. Have a look at them before going to shopping.

Mens Dressing Tips

1. Choose the right clothing size. Many people, by mistake, wear clothes that are larger or smaller. Be clear about your size and do not let sellers sell you the things that are not suitable in size.

2. Compare the color of the belt, shoes, and bags. Colors must match or be close. It is better to stick with traditional colors: black, brown or gray.

mens dressing tips

3. If you have a big belly, avoid wearing very tight clothes. It looks awkward.

4. It is good if the shirt is lighter than the suit. This allows you to look slimmer, fit and sporty.

mens dressing tips

5. Do not wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. It looks vulgar.

6. Men with larger broader bodies should select wide tie knots.

7. Choose neutral tones in clothes, but not too flashy patterns. Neutral tones don’t get out of fashion too quickly.

8. Do you like denim? Your pants should be a tone or two darker than a denim shirt or jacket.

mens dressing tips

9. Don’t forget that you should not wash denim clothes too often. To avoid color loss, just rinse it. Before washing clothes, it is recommended to turn them from inside out.

10. The sleeves of the jacket should be short enough so that the shirt cuffs are slightly visible. (1–2 cm).

11. The perfect color of the socks is the color of the pants. But exact observance of that shade is not required. Matching colors visually lengthen the legs.

13. It’s better never to use white socks. But if you still love them, then, better use them in your gym with sports shoes.

14. Slippers / sandals/ flip-flops are good only for the beach or pool.

15. Don’t use bags that do not fit in style. Pick yourself a good quality bag, instead of the usual sports backpack. Better go with a diplomat or leather bag when wearing business suits.

mens dressing tips

16. Men with short heights should refrain from loose fitting clothes. It makes them look more shorter.

17. Never wear sunglasses on your head. It will loosen the arms of frames and glasses will not properly sit on your nose.

18. Keep track of quality and buy a few things.

19. Cheap shoes are not an example of wise savings. Your shoes are your visiting cards. Invest some amount in a pair of good leather shoes. Don’t forget to clean and polish them every morning. Yes, every morning!

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mens dressing tips

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20. Never pay too much attention to your clothes and style.

The most stylish men are those who make a minimum of effort and look a bit careless and give an impression of natural look in overall image.

Bonus grooming tips:

Keep your body tight. Every brand and every fabric is perfect for a healthy body.

  • Go regularly to your hairdresser.
  • Never apply too many chemical products on your face.
  • Wear a beard. It gives a definition to your jaw line.
  • Do not take too much weight in your young age. You will regret later.
  • Lean gentlemen, wear muscle!

Good luck guys!

Please do comment below your thoughts about mens dressing tips.

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