6 Summer Makeup Tips for Girls


Summer months can make wearing make up a hassle. You are probably experiencing melting makeup, super sticky lipstick or even smeared eyeliner. Do not curse the summer season because it does not have to be this way. This is why you need summer make up tips because even with hot weather, you need to keep your makeup fresh and pretty.

6 Best Summer Makeup Tips

1. Exfoliating

Exfoliating - Summer make up tips

For the sake of keeping your make up longer without smudging, the number one tip is to exfoliate your face. Scrap off the top layer of the skin by using a sharp tool before applying any makeup. Do the same for your lips by creating a paste using coconut oil plus a pinch of sugar, wet your lips and gently scrub the paste on your lips to get rid of any dry or dead skin. The end result of exfoliating is a soft and smooth face that will hold make up for a longer period.

2. Invest in a Primer

Invest in a Primer - Summer makeup tips

Spending money in a primer is one of the best summer make up tips that everyone tired of makeup meltdowns should try.  It is a lightweight oil-free formula that takes only a few seconds to apply. Its main work is to hold up your make up in place. The primer is applied after the moisturizer before applying your concealer and foundation. This thing works and it is the key to long-lasting foundation and color.

3. Use Waterproof Makeup

Use Waterproof Makeup - Summer make up tips

Waterproof makeup is the way to go in summer. This does not only apply to your mascara and eyeliner that withstand the pool, the gym, and the hot weather but also foundations and concealers.  They are miraculously formulated to withstand heat, sweat, and water without smudging. They hold up the sweat and resist running and smudging making them an irresistible summer make up tips for every day.

4. Keep Your Makeup Light

Keep Your Makeup Light - Summer make up tips

One of the simplest and the most efficient summer make up tips is to lighten up your make up. The less make up you put on, the less there is to melt. This means going sort of naked and applying makeup only where you need it. This will help you avoid smears and smudges. The best thing to use is a tinted moisturizer and damp make up sponge.

5. Use Liquid-based Concealer

Use Liquid-based Concealer

During summer, put away your creamy concealer and go for the liquid based. This is because the liquid concealer is less likely to melt off. You can as well skip the foundation if you blend well with the concealer alone to avoid more trouble.

6. Use Oil Absorbing Sheets

Use Oil Absorbing Sheets

Instead of applying powder over and over throughout the day that will add extra layers, one of the killer summer make up tips is using oil absorbing sheets. They absorb the excess oil without messing up your makeup. You can carry them at your purse to use them anywhere or put them in your working desk.

By applying these 6 summer makeup tips you can say goodbye to makeup meltdowns over the summer season. The summer makeup tips are nothing complicated but simple everyday makeup routine that will help you enjoy your summer with no smears and smudges.


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