7 simple travel style trends for a perfect weekend getaway

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You have a trip planned for the weekend but worried about what clothes to pack? Here are the 7 fashion travel essentials for men who love to look stylish and keep their fashion in check.

Dressing for a weekend getaway has got to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Modern lives have caught up in a busy routine that leaves no time for ourselves. So, we need to pamper ourselves at least occasionally. But planning for what to wear takes more time than we actually spend on the trip. Although most men prefer comfortable clothing, fashion added to comfort is always a great combination, especially during a trip. Here are the 7 simple style trends for a perfect weekend trip.

Neutral tees

While packing for a trip, make sure to have at least one neutral t-shirt in your travel bag. Beige, grey, shades of white and black are the colors that can be mixed and matched with denims, khakis, bright colored trousers or shorts and they look amazingly well together. Neutral colors never go out of style so a basic round neck or V- neck tee paired up with your favorite denims or shorts could be your go-to fashion outfit. Weekends should be more fun and relaxed so the neural hues are the best.

Ripped Jeans

The ripped ankle-length jeans are the ongoing trend and a perfect casual look that gives edge to your style. If you don’t own one already, well, you can DIY. Every guy has at least one old pair of jeans in his closet that is not in fashion anymore. So just grab a pair of scissors and hem the jeans till it slightly flashes your ankle. This is a simple and useful way to catch up with the latest trend.

The Chambray shirt

When you pack shirts for travel, they get all wrinkled by the time you reach your destination and you might have to skip wearing them. But a Chambray shirt actually looks good when it gets wrinkled and if you have very little time to pack, you can even skip ironing it. It is light-weighted and can be worn all year round so even if you don’t have one in your wardrobe, adding it will only help you update your style and make your wardrobe better. Roll the sleeves up and wear it over a t-shirt or just wear the shirt alone for a casual and relaxed weekend look.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have continued to be in popularity after their resurgence last year. A light- weighted bomber jacket adds a layered edge to your otherwise simple look. It gives you the most flattering look and compliments well with any attire. You can wear it over t-shirts, button-down shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, etc. Fashion conscious people around the globe have adopted this look for its versatility. But make sure you have the right fit for your body.


Chinos are the best alternative to jeans. If you feel bored to wear jeans, wear chinos. They are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn for all occasions. If you plan to have an event during your trip or have a casual dinner date, chinos are the best. They come in various colors and navy, olive and khaki are the most versatile of them all.


Sneakers and loafers are the most desired classic footwear for travel. They are super comfortable and perfect for outings. Sneakers go well with both short and long jeans and loafers are perfectly suitable for chinos. A pair of brown loafers and a pair of white sneakers are 2 styles you absolutely need to have in your shoe collection.

Travel Bag

Choosing a suitable travel bag is very essential to have things in place. Travel bags that have separate compartment for shoes should be preferred so that your packed clothes won’t get dirty during the travel.

Enjoy your trip and have a fun-filled weekend in perfect style!

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