7 Ways To Dress To Impress Women


Different women like to see their men in different styles but few of them are liked by many. Here we have come up with 7 ways a woman want her man to dress.

Dressing tells a lot about a person. It not only displays your social status but also your personality. Your dress says a lot about you before you even speak a word. And yes, women do care about how her man dresses especially when in public. Although different women prefer different styles, few are highly recommended. Here are the 7 ways a woman want her man to dress-

1. Chinos:

Chinos are the most stylish garments other than suits. It is a perfect alternative to jeans and can be worn to both formal and casual occasions. The only requirement for chinos to look good is that it should be perfectly fitted around your waist. If you display a good sense of style, your woman will automatically get more attracted to you. Chinos come in different colors but khaki is considered the best out of them all as it goes well on all skin tones.

2. Jeans:

Jeans is the most casually worn garment and has been in fashion from a very long time. The one thing you have to keep in mind when you wear jeans is that it keeps changing in trend so you should not stick with the old ones for a long time. Check your wardrobe to see if there are any too loose or baggy ones. If you find a few, make sure to get rid of them. If there are many of them, it’s a sign that you need to update your wardrobe immediately. Women love to see their men get dressed up in a right way and not feel out of place.

3. Leather Shoes:

 Shoes have the power to make or break you when it comes to making a first impression on a woman you like. So, you need to pay extra attention when you choose your shoes. Most women love leather shoes and want their men to own a pair. When you buy one, stick to black or brown color as they go well with almost trousers. Leather shoes make you look clean, stylish and manly. So, leather shoes are something you must have in your closet.

4. White T-shirt:

A white T-shirt is something that looks good on every man. When it is paired with a blue or black jeans, trust me, you’ll look rocking. Always pay attention to the fitting part as it should not look too loose or boxy. Women like to see you wear the clothing that fits you just right.

5. V-neck T-shirt:

A mild V-neck is particularly appreciated by women. Make sure that it is not too low. Women like it because it makes her man look cool, casual and super chic especially if you have a well-toned body. It shows that you have an attitude and you are confident about yourself. Wear a well-fitted T-shirt and never a boxy one as it is too old-fashioned.

6. Dress Shirt:

There’s no doubt in saying that every man looks good in a dress shirt. Like any other type of clothing, your dress shirt should also fit you right well. It should not be too loose at all. Fitting plays an important role in defining a man’s style and his way of living.

7. Suit:

Suits are the most attractive garments a man could ever wear. Almost every woman loves to see her man in a suit. It just goes without saying that women find you irresistible when you wear a well-tailored, well-fitted suit. It makes you look put together and you’ll come across like someone who is able to provide. That is the reason why most women get attracted to men in suits.

The clothes you wear should complement your body. The fitting should be just right, not too tight or not too loose. A sharply dressed man is someone who dresses according to the situation and won’t act improperly. That is what makes him more attractive. Also, along with the above mentioned 7 ways a woman want her man to dress, wear confidence. Confidence is the key.

Let me know what you wore to your first date in the comments section below!


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