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8 Make up Tips for Older Women


Aging skin is no exception to makeup. In fact, this is the time you need makeup more than ever in your life.  This is because you no longer have that glowing and youthful skin and wrinkles are slowly forming on your beautiful face. Since we care about you, here is a comprehensive guide of makeup tips for older women.

1. Use a Primer

A primer will hold your foundation in place and also helps in evening out your skin. If possible go for a tinted primer which is a three in one pack with benefits of the primer, moisturizer, and foundation.

make up tips for older women

2. Use the Right foundation

Using the right foundation is one of the most important makeup tips for elder women. Use a lighter weight foundation for pigment rich and better coverage. Apply your foundation using a brush for excellent results and a fresh look instead of a sponge. Since you want a more natural look, don’t use heavy creams as they create an unnatural and caked look.

3. Apply Concealer

Some people apply concealer before the foundation which should not be the case. This is because you want to apply concealer to the dark spots in your face and applying it after the foundation will help you place it exactly where you need it. You will end up using less that will give you a more natural look.

4. Know where to apply concealer

Another vital makeup tips for older women is to know where exactly to apply their concealer. Many women go wrong on this. You are supposed to apply it on top of the cheekbone rather than under your eyes. This helps light to reflect back up and hide your dark circles under the eyes.

5. Darker Concealer is the Way to Go

Light concealer on dark spots does not work at all. Instead, it makes your dark spots look ashy. To avoid this, go for a darker shade of concealer to de-emphasize your age spots.

6. Give your Cheeks a Glow

Use a glowing cream to add a flush of color on your cheeks.  This is one of the topmost makeup tips for older women. Apply the cream with a brush at the height of the apples of your cheeks. This gives more emphasis to your eyes and fewer wrinkles. Cream adds radiance in your face that gives you a youthful and livelier face.

7. Transform Your Lips

Nothing beats old age than those beautiful lips. To transform your lips, use a color outliner and highlight your lip line on the outer edges instead of the inside.  This is a trick to make your lips look naturally fuller. After that, apply lipstick that matches the color of your lips.

8. Fix Your Brows

As you grow older, your eyebrows become thin, shapeless and bare. You, therefore, need to fix them to create a whole new look. This can be easily achieved by adding some color and brushing them up. Don’t overdo it though to create that natural brow look.

make up tips for older women
Credit – pinterest

Kill them with beauty even in old age by applying these makeup tips for older women for a youthful and livelier look.

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