8 Tips on How to Dress When You are Overweight

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how to dress when you are overweight

1. Know how to accentuate areas of your body

Fashion has no size limit! With that said, even plus-size people can look fabulous. All they need is a little know-how, choosing the right outfit in their wardrobe and sum all this up with confidence. This article will give you tips on how to dress when you are overweight to get that magnificent look.

The number one tip on how to dress when you are overweight is to know how to highlight areas of your body. When you are overweight, it is obvious there are some parts of your body you are not so proud of. In such cases, you need to hide those areas. This is why black or dark colored outfits should be your favorite. Dark colors have a slimming effect and help you hide some areas. Wear light colors to draw attention to the areas of your body that you are proud of. For example, if you have a nice bust, you can highlight it by wearing a light colored blouse or shirt.

2. Wear Supportive and Fitting Undergarments

Your underwear is the foundation of your looks and therefore they should be fitting properly to give you the best look. Wear a bra that fits you on full coverage without bulges and high waist underwear that is firm and supportive.

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3. Elevated Shoes

Another important tip on how to dress when you are overweight is by wearing elevated shoes. Most overweight people are short and the worst thing to do is wearing flat shoes. Heels or wedges elongate your body giving you extra height with a slim appearance.

4. Wear high rise pants

High rise pants will help you tuck in most of the flab and this will make you look slender. Go for black pants that are stretchable because they will make you look slim and tall. High waist dresses are also a great choice for overweight people.

5. Know the Print Rules

Understanding print rules is one of the best tips on how to dress when you are overweight. This is because outfits with vertical prints elongate your body and make you look slender.  On the other hand, horizontal stripes widen your body and should be avoided as much as possible. However, if you have a nice bust, you can wear a horizontal striped top to highlight it.

6. Shirts Should Be your Favorite

If you are overweight, try and do a lot of shirts. This is because they make you look slimmer. Look for fittings ones though because too big or too small shirts may spoil your look.

7. Wear V-neck tops

V-neck tops or dresses are a good outfit that creates an impression of height. Also, wear full-length jackets and cardigans and they work well if they are straight open to create a vertical line. Avoid cropped length jackets as they may reveal areas of your body you want to hide.

8. Accessories

Accessories always spice up your look and it is, therefore, important to choose ones that match your look. Nice jewelry drives attention away from anything flattering. Wear nice earrings, a necklace, a beautiful watch, a belt, and a scarf.

Nice clothes are not only designed for the x size women. Do not commit fashion faux with the excuse that you are overweight. Following these 8 tips on how to dress when you are overweight will give you that attractive look.

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