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9 Effective Tips For How to Cleanse Your Body


In this time the weekends are very intense; that is, we have family meals, heavy dinners, lots of alcohol, sweets, parties, sleepless nights and so on. To have consumed so much now you see it as a mistake, you feel with a headache, a feeling of heaviness, with little energy and even super inflamed. Below we have discussed 9 Effective tips for how to cleanse your body.

How to cleanse your body – Try These Tips Today

1. Breakfast smoothies

Its ingredients must be natural and freshly squeezed. No juice powder or prepared. It is best to have pineapple or papaya smoothies. And preferably drink them 15 minutes before lunch.

how to cleanse your body

2. Consume a lot of water and keep a record

Drinking water will eliminate the toxins accumulated in your marathon. Its depurative effect has no comparison. Also keep a record will motivate you to drink more every day and maybe you start with a good habit this year.

how to cleanse your body

3. Have all your meals carry fruits / vegetables

I’m not going to tell you that you only eat salad, but preferably try to eat it 3 times a day. For example, in the morning prepare your breakfast with a bowl of strawberries or banana, and in the evening accompany your meal with celery, carrot or lettuce (preferably raw).

how to cleanse your body

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4. Do some activity that makes you sweat

Sweating is great, because through perspiration you release toxins. We are not all fitness girls, but you can clean your room thoroughly, ride a bike, run in a park or even do morning with your boy .

5. Chew everything 10 times, obligatorily!

Try to eat slowly and chew well to help your metabolism with the workload you gave him last month. It’s like surpassing the job, in which he handles past jobs.

how to cleanse your body

6. Avoid consuming more toxins

As far as possible, try to leave (at least for a time) tobacco, alcohol, coffee, any type of soft drink, transgenic and refined sugar. Sure you do not know, but a large percentage of these products are right now in your body struggling to stay there to hurt you.

how to cleanse your body

7. Prepare teas as drinks

As we said in the last point, say goodbye to coffee and soft drinks. But you can substitute them with herbal infusions to promote your detoxification. Preferably drink green tea, chamomile, dandelion, escarole and even romaine lettuce. Yes, sweeten them with honey.

how to cleanse your body

8. Sleep well and relax

It is already known that sleeping well restores, regains energy and strength. It is also advisable to do some relaxing activity such as meditation, yoga, dancing, painting, etc. Not as a responsibility, but to lighten your day.

how to cleanse your body

9. Change your daily use products for natural products

how to cleanse your body

Toxins not only affect your weight, so prepare or buy natural products. It can be from shampoo, face soap, toothpaste, to natural cosmetics. So that your skin and hair also feel fresher and more relaxed.

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