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physical signs of love

Being in love is sometimes funny, sometimes hard. Sometimes we have no clue what are we doing especially at the beginning. It is often confused with the lust. How can we figure out physical signs of love? Read our methods!

Many time we have thought that we are in love but in the end, we figured out that was just infatuation. And in the end, you ask yourself: “How will I ever know am I in love and is this person “the one?”.

Nobody can answer is some person “the one” for someone else but there is the solution for the problem called “How to know if you’re in love”.

You’ll notice changes in your behaviour, you’ll notice some physical and emotional changes too. All that you have is to recognize those signs and let them change you and lead you to the right path. This is not just telling you a story. Those facts are science proofed.

Doctor, am I in love? Physical Signs of Love?

What you need to pay attention to?

Thinking about one specific person whole time

physical signs of love

If you think about one person whole day and our thoughts goes in direction: “Where is she/he now and what is she/he doing?” or if you see/eat/listen something and ask yourself :“Will she/he like this? Did she/he likes something else and if yes, what?” then you’re on the good way to be in love with that person. Ask yourself why is this person so important to you that you think about all the time.

Seeing just positive in that one person

If you see just the best in one particular person and you also make the good from her/his bad habits that is surely sign you have to ask yourself why are you so subjective towards this person and are you maybe in love.

You’re highly attracted to that one person

physical signs of love

In case you are physically attracted to that one person and you do not have interest for other people doesn’t it mean anything? If there is the better sign to know if you are in love then that is this attraction, not just physical than also a mental. You could talk to that person for a days, right? You share thoughts and feelings about some topics in your life and that makes you happy. If yes, then you are in love my friend and we think that is amazing.

You want everyone to like that person

Starting with your parents and friends and then with every other person you talk to you, somehow, are trying to represent that person in positive way and wish that everybody like that person. If you find that someone else do not especially like her/him you feel like you have failed or in other case you could feel sad and unsatisfied. You’ll try to talk about everything positive in that person to other like her/him.

Planning a future

OK, we’re not talking about marriage, big house and kids, but we’re trying to tell you that you will in your free time imagine you two living together or going to vacation with other friends or on some adventure just you two. You’ll catch yourself planning the future and smiling. Other won’t see the reason but we know. You’re in love!

Addicted to her/him

You’ll be in some weird way addicted. You’ll miss the time spending together or just being in near. You’ll miss that feeling of seeing her at the first moment she/he is gone out of your sight. You’ll try to see her/him in any possible case. You’ll become addicted & It’s the most physical signs of love.

There are many ways how to know are you in love or not. We gave you physical signs of love some of them on this list. After reading this article we are sure that you can figure out what is happening in your head and heart.

Good luck and share love! Be love!


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