Amazing Styling Tips for Short Girls!

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styling tips for short girls

Looking good might most predominantly depend on your stature. But there’s no need to worry about it anymore. Here are some of the best styling tips for short girl to look taller.Short girls with their small stature have an added advantage of looking younger and cuter. However, there are few clothing styles which look good but make you look shorter than you actually are. So, you simply need to avoid them and wear the kind of clothes and styles that accentuate your height and give you the look you desire. Here, we have come up with some of the best dress tips for short girls that would make you look stunning.

Clothes for Short People

High Waisted Bottoms:

Whenever you can, opt for a high waisted bottoms like high waisted skirts, jeans, shorts, etc., as they elongate the lower part of your body. They give good shape to your legs and make them look longer, thereby making you look a few inches taller than your actual height.

Women’s Floral Printing Halter Top High Waisted Bottom 

Vertical Stripes:

To appear taller, vertical stripes is a must-have pattern in your closet. It is the kind of clothing that never goes out of fashion. Be it a shirt, T-shirt, trousers or a maxi dress, whatever is your favorite style don’t hesitate to wear it just because it might make you look short. With vertical stripes pattern, you can completely be at rest as it will only make you look taller and thinner.

Thick Stripe Plain Dress


styling tips for short girls

V-Neck makes your outfit look more flattering. It shifts the focus onto the neck line and collar bones which appear more attractive in a v-neck. It elongates your neck and makes you look taller. And moreover, v-neck looks good on most women. 


styling tips for short girls

Monochrome outfits i.e; top and bottom clothes or one piece of same color creates the illusion of height. Unlike different colored clothes, it won’t divide your body. So, you appear to be taller. Especially the ones with solid colors. They create a definitive style and accentuates your petite frame.

Maxi Dress:

styling tips for short girls

Petite girls usually tend to avoid maxi dresses thinking that they make them look shorter. But that is not the case with every maxi dress. If you really like the style and want to wear, just do it. Stick to the subtle patterns and avoid wide ones. Choose the ones that completely cover your feet but don’t touch the floor.


styling tips for short girls

Mini dress or mini skirt is the way to go for a petite girl with attractive legs. If you are confident about your legs, surely go for minis that are properly fitted. They emphasize your natural figure and make you look taller. Don’t ever choose loosely-fitted minis as they only overwhelmingly cover your body and make you look shorter.

Crop Top:

styling tips for short girls

Petite girls look super cute and attractive in crop tops. When paired with hight waisted jeans, they make the most casual outfit look cool and chic at the same time. Crop tops are something you must have in your closet. If you don’t have it, just take any loose or long T-shirt and cut the hem part or whatever length you want to, to make it a cropped one. DIY, girls!

Clothes have the ability to make or break your mood. When you look good, you obviously feel good. So, whatever clothes you wear, make sure to choose the ones with right proportions that flatter your figure. Proportions are very powerful. Without right proportions even a taller person can end up looking short. With all the above mentioned styling tips for short girls, you have many more options to wear than just high heels to look taller.

Let me know which style do you like the most in the comments section below.

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