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Over the years I have been learning (sometimes the good, sometimes the bad
fashion tips for girls ) certain things related to the world of “beauty” that I would love to share. Below are 14 fashion tips for girls (teen age) should apply to their lifestyle. If you are a school going or just a college fresher this is a must have checklist for you.

14 Best Fashion Tips for Teen Age Girls

Rapunzel hair is not for everyone:


 There are bodies for long hair and bodies for short hair, as well as faces for this. It’s a matter of your complexion, height, blah blah blah, and if you’re not going to be careful, it’s more aesthetic to go with a stylist who recommends the perfect style.

Experience different outfits:

Get out of the monotony and go for a look on Pinterest fashions that you create will go with your personality and your style. You never know when you can find something with which you identify yourself at 100.

More than trying to combine, try that your accessories and clothes CONTRAST:


If you only focus on combining clothes, everything will become very monotonous and boring with the passage of time. Put your rules and dare to make contrasts in view that you like most.

Covering acne is the worst crime you can commit against your face:

It’s totally natural! It is stupid to cover the pores causing them to fill with grease, chemicals and dirt. That, in fact, is going to get more pimples and will never cure that little problem. I know that it causes insecurity (because I have lived it) but it is better to go with a dermatologist than to keep covering and aggravating the problem more and more.

Natural beauty tips for face

Colorimetry is your ally 1:

It is not enough to know what is trending, what brand to wear or what fashion is to enter next summer. You should also take into account your skin tone and hair to know what is more favorable and what is not when dressing. That is going to make you act most of the time and you do not look like a disguise.

Dress according to your age:

dressing style

Do not pretend to be older by wearing clothes that do not match your age, or want to look more tender (or something like that) by wearing little girl clothes. (You do not have to show much to show that you “grew up”). Adapt to your age and your attitude will determine everything else.

Do not live bleaching your hair:

It is not wrong to paint it from time to time, but it is very easy to obsess and ruin it with chemicals. Let it rest a minimum of a year after you try a new fashion.

Invests in professional aesthetics:

The worst mistake is to want to save money when you want to make a new look change. Your image can be ruined and very different from your initial expectation if you go with someone who does not have an idea of ​​how to do different procedures.

The pupils, however expensive they may be, will always look fake. Do not be ashamed of your brown, blue or green eyes. They are part of your identity as a person and something natural in you. They are the ones that make you see the wonderful things in life

The brand is the least important, the important thing is the way you wear it:

As simple as that, if you feel safe when wearing a garment, it will look spectacular regardless of whether it is tianguis or ‘brand’.

Wearing makeup is not going to make you more beautiful:


The hours of dedication on our face may make us look more comfortable, but not exactly more beautiful. That is not something that comes from a product or a tutorial; It is a set of details and qualities that make up the “beauty”. When you use make-up remember that many times less is more.

Arrange your eyebrows :


You are growing and a good frame to the face is crucial to be perfect. Beautiful eyebrows will also help your eyes a lot and when you delineate your eyes (besides, the truth is that many people pay more attention to that than in other little details).

Practice your gestures in front of the mirror:

look in front of the mirror

That’s right! If you want to have more hit at school, see more original when talking and other things, look in front of the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with it! Many speakers do it and models, why do not you?

There is nothing wrong with using makeup, the bad thing is depending on it:


It is true that the more you use makeup, the more need you have to go out with him. What I recommend is to put on a scale and know when you should use it more, when little and when practically never. You would not like to reach 30 and not be able to see the natural in front of the mirror and feel that “it’s not you” by the habit of always seeing you with makeup.

Do not overdo it:

You’re the way you are and it’s great because that’s who you are. You still have to grow, change, improve. That does not give roll if you do not manage to make up like a professional or not to achieve 100% the results you want with makeup.

So I have discussed 14 best fashion tips for girls above. Put your comment below your thoughts & suggestions. If you want to add something more point to the fashion tips for girls list do let us know.

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