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Usually, when we talk about fashion, we talk about women fashion. We have plenty of articles where is described what to wear, to which occasion, what to combine with what but it is always and always about women.

Where are the men?

Where are the young professionals?

What about millennials who just start with their career?

In the year 2017, the most attention has been paid to male fashion so far. As the most time in the modern era is spent in the office, we can say that the office fashion is one of the most important these days.

So, we will share with you some advice and hints about what to wear in 2017 and look handsome and professional at the time.

1.The classic suit

The classic suit is and always will be ( this sound so romantic in a fashion way) a good and secure choice when it comes to office style or any official opportunity.

Experts advise some color change so you can also choose a grey version of the suit also.

A classic suit is always a good choice

2.Shirt and sweater

For the younger population, the great choice in the case you are not a fan of a suit is a combination of shirt and sweater. The White shirt is the best choice because you can combine it with many sweater colors.

Or you can have several colors of shirts to combine with one or two sweaters and have many different combinations. If you have doubts which color to choose we recommend you gray, black, dark shades od red, blue and green or the pastel colors.

You can combine this with jeans or slack pants on colder days.

For the warmer days here is a lighter version of this combination with a cotton sweater and thin jeans or some pants made from lighter fabrics.

3.Sports jacket and blazer

Fashion experts think that sports jacket and blazer over any combination can make great BUM in fashion and be real fashion hit when we talk about casual outfits for men. For those who follow trends, here are several proposals how to wear it.

You can combine it with shirt or T-shirt depending on a situation. Definitely, if you are going to the meeting you will not wear it with T-shirt, but you can proudly do on other day and be sure that you are fashion star that day in the office.

In companies where it is possible to dress more relaxed combinations, here are some suggestions. Jeans is always a good company with any combination, especially when that combination includes blazers. The most common opinion is that men are the most attractive to women in that combination. Have you tried it guys?

We give you a lot of fashion directions about trends in 2017, but you can think: „What about winter? Does anybody care about winter?“ Yes! We do.

In the winter times, we recommend you turtleneck sweaters. Not only you will look handsome and powerfull, but you will be warm in case you have to spend more time outside.

These sweaters go perfectly with jeans but a lot of men wear it with suit pants also. You can combine it whatever you want, you can not make a mistake. Talking about color, we choose brown, beige and „soil theme“ colors but you can’t miss the point with another color neither.

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