Dress Code Definitions: Formal, Casual or Party Wear

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When we think of how many occasion we have to manage our outfits, sometimes we have urge never to leave our house. Isn’t easier just stay at home, watching movies in some comfy oversized T-shirt and never to think what to wear for which occasion in our lives. But you can not do it! You are social living being and you have to go to work, go to social events, parties, coffee with friends and on top of it, you want to look nice and to follow the trends. You are happy that you have us. We have done homework for you and we will represent you some ideas about Dress Code Definitions for any occasion in your life.

Let us begin!

Dress Code Definitions

Party wear

A favorite event in the life of every young person is a party. But when you start to work sometimes parties are not the most fun thing to do, especially when it comes to formal business parties. There you have to represent yourself in best possible way, because you never know where is new career opportunity is awaiting. So be formal and be fabulous. You can choose between a little black dress or long dress if you prefer. We like both combinations.

If you are not so much in dresses why not to wear some suit?  Red suit whit white shirt is one big BUM at every party.

For men, we choose the eternal classic: the famous suit. Because, what can be better than it?

For much more preferable parties ( the ones with our friends and without bosses and working colleagues) we choose more relaxed combinations. There you will go with your friends, meet new people but in your free time and you do not have to respect some special dress code.

Party wear

You are totally free to choose the colors, patterns or shapes. Just do not overdo it.

In case you are much more fan of little longer dresses, we have some proposals for you too. We do not forget anybody.

If you have a companion, and we are sure that you won’t go alone to the party, it would be preferable that he also has a good trendy combination. You will look more powerfull if you arrange your combinations to look harmonized.

For men, we have chosen two combinations: one variant if he prefers suits and the other if he is more guy for just a shirt and pants.

Your partner can wear a tie or not, but dark blue is always a good choice in any combination

Formal Wear

Dress Code Definitions

We already mentioned a formal parties. In our adult lives we will have a many formal events whether  it is a party, wedding or something third. For that occasion we choose to wear long or short variant of dress and for men we repeat that the best choice is the suit.

Casual wear

dress code definitions

In the end, probably everyone’s favorite way of dressing is casual wear. We have already talked about casual wearing in the office (put a link here), but now we will say something about casual wear in your free time when you want to go to coffee with a friend or to the library or just to go to the walk.

The secret is well known to everyone. Jeans! Jeans in every combination, for both men and women. We like it, we wear it and it is a big hit in this year.

You can combine it in every possible way and it is gorgeous in every of them.

In case you want to give a day off to your jeans you can wear pants from some other fabric or even the skirt.

For more fashion and trend advices follow us. We will give you catchy and useful directions for everyday lifestyle.

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