12 Unique Friendship day gift for guys. They will really appreciate!

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Friendship day gift for guys

Are you looking for ideas to make this friendship day a special one for your friends? We made a list of Friendship day gift for guys that your friend will truly appreciate.

Friends are like solid bridges who help us get through life with little more laughter and little more sunshine. We laugh with them, we cry with them and they know us inside out. Even if we lose contact because of various reasons may be, the memories of all the time you have spent together will definitely leave a smile on your face. To celebrate this special bond of friendship, here are the few gift ideas that guys truly appreciate.

12 Special Friendship day gift for guys

1 – Cologne

Cologne is one of the best friendship day gift for guys. Cologne is a great way to mask the natural body odor of a human body. It always feels food to smell good. Good smell improves self-confidence of the wearer and make him look attractive.

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2 – Watch

Watch is a premium friendship day gift for guys and a style statement for them. A cool watch can always add a fashionable element to your outfit look. If your friend is techie or a gadget freak, gifting him the latest edition of apple watch would definitely make him so happy.

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3 – Gift Card

You could never go wrong with a gift card. If your friend is into sports, give him a store card or an online e- card from his favorite store. If your friend is into music, Gift him an iTunes gift card or a simple Amazon e-gift card would be great as he can buy whatever he wants to.

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4 – Wallet

It is very important for a guy to carry his wallet. It is not only used to store the most important items like credit card, debit card, drivers license, etc., it is also regarded as a fashion accessory that can easily fit into a man’s pocket. A cool leather wallet looks super causal and stylish.

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5 – Sunglasses

A pair of aviators is always a good choice to gift a guy. Sunglasses are advised to be worn all round the year so it’s going to be very useful for your friend.

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6 – Headphones

If your friend is a music lover and keeps listening to music all day, gift him headphones. It would help him keep listening to music without being a disturbance to others.

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7 – Shoes

Athletic shoes that are good for running is a perfect gift for a fitness-conscious guy and also a guy who is planning to get into a fitness regime. These days, guys desire to have their body tones in a good shape.

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8 – Game console

Boys/men just love games. Be it on xbox or PS4, it’s considered to be one of the most favorite past time activities. So, if your friend is someone who is so into games, gifting him a console will surely make him excited. You can play it together as well.

9 – Fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are the newly popular toys in the market and regardless of age, guys are attracted to them. Gifting your friend a fidget spinner will surely make him popular among his friends.

10 – Shaver

Shaver is an absolute necessity for men. It makes the removal of hair much easier in different parts of the body. They don’t need to worry about getting cuts from those shard razor blades. It’s a safe gift to say that you care about him.

11 – Fitness tracker

One more gift that is suitable for men who recently started to work out is a Fitbit fitness tracker. It helps them keep the count of how many calories they have burnt and how much distance they have covered in a specific time period.

12 – Jersey

A jersey of your friend’s favorite cricket player or an international soccer player is something a guy feels crazy about. And the player’s signature is like cherry on the top.

The thoughts that you put into a gift is what matters more than the actual gift. So, make sure to let your friend know how much he means to you…

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