How to get over a break up?

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how to get over a breakup

Fighting with sorrow after a breakup can be a difficult task. Sometimes you’ll ask yourself how to deal with it on your own, but here are some advice and directions how to get over a break up and be a happy person again.

How to deal with a break up? Everybody has their own methods but nobody could say that one particular method is good for all of us.

Every person is one little universe for himself and we have different ways of dealing with situations in our lives.

But one thing is universal: it is hard. It is hard for both sides whether you were dumped or you’re the person who decides to break up the relationship.

It is hard to know how to get over a breakup once it is over.

It is hard to start your life normal again without that one person who was part of your life for some period and you share almost everything with that person.

But it is possible. In next few lines, we give you some advice how to get over a breakup in several steps.

We do not promise you it will be easy or fast. Dealing with a breakup is a slow process and it demands a big amount of patience and waiting for the emotional pain to pass.

How to get over a breakup and how to be better version of yourself after a breakup

1- Keep a distance

Immediately after the breakup, make a distance between you and your ex. That means no SMS, no facebook chat, no follow on Instagram, Twitter or any imaginable social network. You need a break and you need a clean one. If you are in constant contact with your ex or happening in her/his life your healing process will take much longer than when you have no contact. If you have decided to stay friends that are OK, but in the beginning, you can not communicate. You can renew your friendship later when all wounds are healed.

2- Give yourself a time

Time is a crucial factor in dealing up with the breakup. Nothing comes in one day, so you won’t be better in one day or in a week. Maybe in a month either. Time! Give yourself time to cry, to be angry, to be sad, to try to be OK again, and finally, you’ll notice that actually, you are OK in the end.

3- Redesign your living space

If you have a clue how to get over a breakup, then you’ll try to redesign your living space. Fresh up some details and you’ll have a feeling that you live in new living space and your brain will detect it like the new beginning, and what you need than the new beginning.

4- Get rid of memory triggers

Collect and throw in the garbage every present from your ex, delete all the messages, pictures. If you need and can move to the other apartment in case you have lived together. You need some fresh start and you won’t have it if you’re surrounded with emotional triggers.

5- Make new hobbies

Making new habits and starting to have new hobbies will bring you some new people in your life. You will build some new relationship, not in the romantic way, but also new friendship. When you have new people you have what? Brand new start. And that is a great thing to get over a breakup.

6- Do not hurry to start a new relationship

Just don’t! If you start your new relationship before your wounds have healed you won’t be capable of dealing with new emotions and you have a chance to ruin something good just because you weren’t ready. Give yourself a time.

7- Write about your feelings

Writing about your feelings is a good way to see the whole situation on the paper and see it clearer. You will be capable of getting out with negative feelings and it will make process of getting over a breakup more successful.

Try to apply those methods in order to get better. But we will say it again: with all this you’ll need a time and some good friends who will understand you and help you with getting over a breakup.

To read some other perspectives about the breakup, maybe find some solutions for yourself or just spend time reading something you’re into we recommend you a novel about the breakup  The Break-Up Clinic. You can find it on Amazon and read what it is all about. It is worth it. Try it!

It is never easy fight but it is worth.

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