How to impress a girl? Every guy should know about it.

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There are many ways to impress a girl and every guy should know about it. Women are not some mythical creatures and it is not impossible to impress them, but one should know the way how to treat them. We have some little secret for you how to do it the easy way. Let’s start:

16 Way How to Impress a Girl

1.Dress to impress her

We should not lie to ourselves. Our physical appearance is the first thing that other notice and we must be aware of that. In rough translation, it means we have to look good and dress well. On the first place, it is a hygiene. Here we are talking about shower, clean mouth, clean clothes, managing facial hair. At first, someone can say: “Oh boy, those are basics!”, but in the reality boys often forget it and they get a big minus at the start.

To impress a girl, dress well. If you are not so good in managing colors and styles you can always ask your sister, cousin or some friends. They will give you some useful advice

2. Look and feel great

In order to achieve this, every young man should think and care about his health, nutrition and do sport. That not have to be in some everyday schedule but here and there you have to be active. When you’re active you feel better and you send better vibes to other, especially to females.

3. Be gentleman

Every girl likes to have someone polite besides her. Those stories about being rude and “girls like to be ignored” or “hot and cold” games are old fashioned. In reality, we do not know was it popular at all in any time frame. Be a gentleman: open some doors, help her with her coat or if she needs anything else and she will run to you in her thoughts and in the street when she sees you.

4. Give her compliments

We can connect this advice with previous. This is all known fact. Women like compliments and it is never too much. Give her compliments privately and in front of other people. She will be very happy and grateful.

5. Think before you speak

This advice is for those men and boys who have a habit to curse. Girls really don’t like it. Say the kind word. Say “please”,” thank you”,”you’re welcome”. Don’t be rude. Don’t let her be ashamed of you.

6.Talk about safe topics first

On the first date and few next keep up with general and safe topics. In that period you’re still in the phase of getting know each other and it is better to let “though topics” for later when you meet each other better and know how someone reacts to sensitive topics.

9.Show her that you have great personality

Every of us has unique personality. Show yours to her. Show the best sides of you and you’ll fascinate her.

8. Introduce to her your hobbies and passions

Every girl likes to meet someone who is passionate about something. To girls that mean that this man can be passionate about her also. Show her what are your hobbies, what you like and which skills you have. Maybe you have some similar interests and you can enjoy together.

9. Be a friend to her friends

When you socialize with people she likes and who matters in her life means that you care about her and hers beloved ones. That is a big plus in her eyes. And you can know her better from other peoples stories.

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10. Be transparent and honest

Never lie to a girl. Sooner or later she will find out and it will be the end. No matter how big or small thing is. Be honest.

11. Sense of humor

This is clear. Who does not like to smile? Tell her a joke, make her smile. She is even prettier when she smiles.

12. Your smartphone on silent

That will show her that she matters and you have time just for her. This also means she is interesting to you and you want to listen to her and talk to her.

13. Ask her questions

When you ask her questions it shows that you listen to her and you’re interested in what she’s talking about.

14. Have an opinion about conversation topics

Girls like boys with an opinion. Nobody likes nodding guy or someone who have no clue and opinion about a thing.

15. Be responsible for calls and dates

If you have told her you’ll call tonight then call her tonight. It is not cool to make her wait. Be responsible. If you arrange something else for tonight call her and tell her. She will understand, but she’ll not understand why you didn’t call her and you told her you will.

16. Buy her a flower

Last but the most important point to impress a girl. Buy her a flower. One or whole bouquet it is not so important. But buy her a flower. Rose or tulip also not matter. In every woman, there is a little girl who wants a sign of attention. What is better than a flower? Tell me!

Do you have any other secret to impress a girl? Comment your suggest below.

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