Men’s Grooming Trends 2021

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Men’s grooming trends 2021

Men’s grooming trends 2021are not as intense as women’s but certainly there are certain trends and styles in 2021that are shocking. This year is all about beards and brows , following different unusual hair dos, taking supplements that increase heart health and immune system .Using treatments such as Botox and fillers, washing your hair less to maintain its health and brilliantly grubby fragrances with a very distinctive smell. Yes, it’s a year full of surprises.

1. Shorter beard and thick brows

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Shorter beards, for the last few years , longer, hipster-style beards have been the trend but in 2021 it will be quite the opposite as it’s all about a more styled, shorter beard with clean lines. Also, not to forget that moisturizing your beard and using oils will help maintain a healthy beard. Thick, masculine brows are still a trend but make sure to get the extra hair plucked don’t go too wild.

2. Hair and Supplements

men's grooming trends 2019

Last year was all about the classic short back and sides and sticking with basics but 2019 has a surprise .If you have curls you should let them grow loose believe me. If you have waves please keep them for an elegant, louche look. On the other hand supplements seem to be significantly trendy in 2021 especially gummy supplements which will help you protect your heart and improve immunity.

3. Non-invasive treatments

Lately , men seem to be quite interested in using Non-invasive treatments .In fact it has been reported that men are now aiming for laser treatments ,fillers and Botox injections in the last few years as the percentage of men following this trend have been increasing significantly but actually it’s not something bad or that one should be ashamed of it. It’s a form of taking care of yourself.

4. Washing your hair less

men's grooming trends 2019

Well there’s actually a reason for that, washing your hair regularly can actually damage it as it strips it from its natural oils and in fact it will strain your hair which is not something you really need. If you’re a person who can’t stand to go to the public with a bit of greasy hair you can use a good brand of dry shampoo which will solve the problem. Men grooming trends for 2021 are actually beneficial.

5. Brilliantly grubby fragrances

men's grooming trends 2019

It’s a fact that certain countries have strict traditions and beliefs and one of them is that in Japan certain flagrancies are not allowed you should only use a fragrance that is very light or can nearly be smelled as it’s considered rude according to their culture if you anything too strong. While in America, most people actually smell like washing detergent. On the other hand in the middle east, people admire the scent of oud. However, in 2021 the sexy, animalic , grubby scents which are the favorite for the Mediterranean countries. It’s a mix of cedar ,agar and dense dark woods , flirty little top flutters of zingy citrus and spicy peppercorn, heavy notes like, tonka and leather ,this is the new trend. Men grooming trends for 2021 are coming out strong.

What we can understand from 2021 Men’s grooming trends is that it can actually be as intense as women, the unusual can actually happen in the world of men’s fashion trends. You can actually expect anything. It’s all up to you what to choose and which trend you think you can follow or maybe several ones. We can’t deny the fact that most of these trends actually aim for the betterment of men’s health so we can’t really criticize that. It’s just odd because it’s new but after a couple of years it will surely be normal for people to hear about a new fashion trend or grooming trend and won’t be surprised. You just have to acceptable of the great fashion world and worldwide trends that occur each day.


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