Monsoon Fashion Trends: 6 Best Clothing Hacks

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Monsoon Fashion Trends

Monsoon fashion trends is all about being comfortable and practical while still looking stylish. The key to nailing the perfect monsoon look is to choose fabrics that are light and airy, so you don’t end up feeling sweaty and sticky. Natural fibres like cotton and linen are ideal, and you can also look for garments with built-in ventilation, like eyelets or cut-outs. With the gloomy weather, it gets really difficult to wake up in the morning and we tend to neglect the extra effort we usually put into getting dressed during other seasons. So, fashion obviously takes a back seat. Here are some fashion tips to get dressed easily to beat the rains with style.

6 Trending Clothes for Monsoon Fashion Trends

Bold hues

Bright colored clothing is almost a must- have for the season as the weather outside is usually dull and gloomy. They are ever trendy and are going to stay in the fashion market for the season, for sure! As white clothes get dirty with the muddy water on the streets, it’s perfectly advisable to avoid whites during the season. Grey and black colors bring more gloominess into the room so going for neon and fluorescent colors like neon blue, neon orange, yellow and red is a perfect fashionable option.

Printed Leggings

When it comes to monsoon fashion, there are a few key trends that always seem to make a comeback. One of these is printed leggings. Leggings are a comfortable and versatile option for rainy days, and they can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Walking down the streets in the rainy season might get our pants stained with muddy water and it’s so embarrassing to enter our study/ work places with those visible stains.

Printed leggings come to our rescue as they are not only fashionable and trendy, they also help in hiding any muddy stains. The floral patterned printed leggings are so in right now. Leggings are so easy and comfortable to wear in any season so adding them to your closet would be a wise choice.

Monsoon fashion trends
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Cropped pants

Wearing long trousers will only make them wet and dirty. If you already have the trousers, you don’t need to put them aside but get them cropped at the tailor or you can do it yourself. Cropped pants are the fashion of the season so it’s a way to keep up with the fashion trends without having to worry about buying new cropped pants solely for the rainy season. Cropped trousers could be worn for work as well.

Monsoon fashion trends
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Knee length skirts

Knee length pencil skirts are advisable for working women in the office spaces. Wearing these skirts will keep you from getting the splashed muddy water onto your clothes. It’s really hard to dry the wet clothes as most offices would prefer having the air conditioner ON all day.

Monsoon fashion trends
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And finally, don’t forget the footwear. Rain boots are a necessity, but they don’t have to be boring. Jelly shoes and rain boots are must-haves for the season. Jelly shoes come in different colors and are available everywhere in the markets and also online.

They are made of plastic so they keep your feet from getting wet due to rain, preventing the pedicure from getting spoiled. Rain boots, especially the ones that cover your legs more than half way to the knee are very essential to prevent the muddy splashes from getting onto the clothes.

Monsoon fashion trends
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Raincoat is a must- have in every closet during the season. Holding umbrellas could be burdensome but wearing raincoats that come with hoodies would be a great way to cover yourself from getting wet.

With the right clothing and accessories, going out in rainy season could be fun as well. Enjoy the rains!

What clothes to wear in monsoon?

Monsoon is the time when you have to be extra careful about what you wear. Your clothes should be comfortable as well as stylish. Cotton is the best fabric to wear in monsoon as it is light and airy. Avoid wearing dark colours as they tend to get dirty quickly. Instead, opt for light colours like white, cream, pastels, etc. that will help you stay cool in this humid weather.

You can also go for printed dresses, tops, and skirts. Team them up with a pair of sneakers or sandals and you are good to go! Just make sure that your clothes are not too loose or fitted as you don’t want to be caught in a downpour!

Which fabric is best for monsoon?

Monsoon is the time of year when the weather is hot and humid, and rain showers are frequent. As a result, it’s important to choose fabrics that will help you stay cool and dry. Linen is a good choice for monsoon weather, as it is lightweight and breathable. Cotton is another fabric that is well-suited for monsoon, as it absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon can also be a good option, as they resist wrinkles and won’t absorb as much moisture. However, avoid materials such as wool or denim, which can feel heavy and uncomfortable in the humidity. With so many different fabric options available, there’s no need to sacrifice style for comfort during monsoon season.

How can I look stylish in the rain?

For many people, the rain is an inconvenient nuisance. But for fashionistas, it presents an opportunity to show off their style. The key to looking stylish in the rain is to choose clothing and accessories that will keep you dry while still looking fashionable. A good raincoat is essential, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles.

Pair your raincoat with a cute pair of rain boots and carry a stylish umbrella, and you’ll be sure to turn heads no matter what the weather is like. So next time it rains, don’t let the weather ruin your style. Embrace the opportunity to show off your unique sense of fashion.


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