Perfect Destinations for Shopping in Hyderabad for all Shopping Lovers!

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shopping in hyderabad

Shopping can be relaxing and fun when there are good places to shop. So, we have come up with the perfect destinations for shopping in Hyderabad which you will surely enjoy.

Hyderabad is the city of pearls. It is one of the fastest developing cities in India. Along with the rapid growth, the city manages to preserve the rich cultural heritage it is so famous for. Apart from being the hub of IT industry, what grabs the eye is the fact that it is a pool of major shopping centers and upscale restaurants. From street stalls to international branded outlets, everything has a place here. To provide you with great shopping experience, we have come up with the perfect destinations for shopping in hyderabad.

7 Perfect Destination for shopping in Hyderabad

1. Laad Bazaar:

shopping in hyderabad

Laad Bazaar is a street near Charminar and is very popular for bangles. People from across India come here just for bangles. It is one such place in Hyderabad which still manages to preserve the culture and tradition of Hyderabad. You can shop some good traditional clothes and other jewelry here at cheap prices. This place is also famous for attar or perfumes that are truly authentic. 

2. Sultan Bazaar:

shopping in hyderabad

Sultan Bazaar is an old commercial market place in Hyderabad. Everything from fashionable women’s clothing both ready made and dress fabrics, silverware, handbags, etc., are available here. It is a treat to fashion designers as they can find the right fabrics for their designs at cheap prices. It is one of the busiest streets for shopping. So, if you are planning to shop here, avoid using your own vehicle for transport because you won’t be able to move easily let alone finding a parking spot. 

3. Shilparamam:

shopping in hyderabad

Shilparamam is an arts and crafts village located in Madhapur, Hyderabad. It has all kinds of jewelry, arts and local crafts of different regions of India. The traditional ambience that it gives is so serene and relaxing to the mind. It inspires the artist or designer in you and makes you fall deeply in love with the tribal and village lifestyle of India. Shilparamam also plays as host to the biggest cultural and traditional events in Hyderabad and you can shop some beautiful handmade items during the time. If you are a lover of arts and crafts, this is definitely the place for you!

4. Himayat Nagar Road:

Himayat Nagar Road is full of shopping outlets and many good restaurants and coffee shops.  The shopping outlets include traditional clothing as well as western wear. The street also contains famous jewelry outlets that sell some high quality jewelry. So, if you have any special occasion coming up, now you know where to go! You can plan a perfect day outing for shopping and have some real fun with family or friends.

5. Abids Street:

shopping in hyderabad

Abids street is located at the center of the city and houses many shopping malls and electronic showrooms. You can shop some good quality and durable sarees and footwear at best prices. If you are looking for good books, visit the street on Sundays. It is usually a very busy street and there are many shops all along so it is advisable to park your vehicle at one place and then shop whereever you want to.

6. Begum Bazaar:

Begum Bazaar is the biggest commercial market place located near the old city area of Hyderabad. You can find women’s clothing stores and imitation jewelry stores in large number. There are many street food stalls around so you can leisurely shop till you drop and then have some delicious street food to revitalize yourself.

7. Banjara Hills/Jubilee Hills:

Banjara Hills is a best place for mall shopping in hyderabad. Banjara Hills/ Jubilee Hills area is considered as the posh area in Hyderabad where most of the movie actors from Tollywood live. There are many shopping malls in here which provide some fun shopping experience to your whole family. The malls have some good international branded outlets, eatery sections and spas inside. When you are tired shopping, you can go grab some food and also relax at a spa. Shopping at malls is definitely a comfortable option if you are good on budget. They provide you with amazing wholesome experience all at one place!

shopping in hyderabad

Hyderabad helps you find a place to shop some good stuff with whatever budget you have in your pocket. Although the shopping scenario has changed a lot over the years with youth adopting the western culture, the city still manages to preserve its culture and tradition. You can literally witness the mixture of modern and traditional ways of living here and it reflects on the shopping style as well. Whether you are a local or a visitor, don’t miss these perfect destination for shopping in hyderabad.

Let me know where you like to shopping in hyderabad the most in the comments section below!

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