Smart Casual vs. Business Casual

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smart casual vs business casual

Smart casual vs. Business casual

How can we best describe Smart casual vs. Business casual. Well, in today’s world of fashion ,clothing styles can often be blended together. While Business wear and Casual wear seem to be difficult when it comes to their differences, Business casual vs Smart casual may actually confuse a lot of people.The description of Business Casual is as less formal business wear, while smart casual is as an extension of business casual but less formal .The below article breaks down the differences between both styles.

1. Business Casual rules

Business Casual rules

Smart casual vs. Business casual are quiet distinctive. Business Casual may for example includes tops such as, White/blue plain shirt ,plain darker color Jacket and t-shirts are actually not allowed. Pants you can wear are dark jeans and smart chinos preferably muted colors. Shoes are dark leather shoes in brown or black. Accessories should be used carefully such as, Smart sunglasses, Smart watch and a leather belt black or dark brown. There are key elements in business casual which are muted colors, darker shades and no patterns.

2. Smart Casual rules

Smart Casual rules

Smart Casual on the other hand may include tops such as, bright/light Color Jacket, shirts can be more colorful and plain colored t-shirts and smart Pull over. Pants are dark jeans or light color, lighter smart chinos. No ripped jeans or shorts. Shoes may include, smart suede shoes, Leather shoes and no trainers. Accessories may allow, discreet wristbands, a belt, Sunglasses, colorful pocket squares. While business casual is described as office wear, smart casual can be worn to certain occasions and events outside of it. Smart casual vs. Business casual may have many differences as both styles require a lot of attention to details but still isn’t a really tough job.

3. Examples on Business casual and Smart Casual wear

Business casual and Smart Casual wear

Business casual can be described as loose formal wear. A business casual look requires combining a coat with smart chinos or dull pants. One ought to wear a shirt underneath the coat, as the main goal is to appear sharp and exquisite. Colors should be subtle. Such as, grey, navy, dark brown and sage. The pants should match the jacket, muted colors work best like dark green jacket with grey trousers or brown jacket/dark blue trousers .The key for business casual is to completely avoid bright and loud colors such as, yellow or red. Also, avoid wearing a tie, choose a leather show and try not to accessorize much. You can wear brighter and lighter colors in smart casual but don’t overdo it, choose only three colors in your overall outfit. Don’t wear too many bright colors, it will just ruin everything and avoid sneakers.

Fashion and style is very complicate for people .Which trends to follow and which to completely eliminate from your closet .Smart casual vs. Business casual can surely be described as difficult but it’s all for the sake of fashion if love to look good and presentable. You just have to follow the key elements to each style and you’ll be able to pull it off, I promise. You could still use your own sense of fashion in both styles but you have to be smart about it to avoid any mistakes. It’s usually a very enjoyable job for fashion lovers. Choosing what suits you best is based on your personality, likes and dislikes and you’ll still be able to appear different among the others.

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