11 Best Way to start a conversation with a girl

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Men are often in a situation that they like someone but have a no clue how to start a conversation with that girl. It is not easy, we have to admit. There is always a risk to get a negative response or to get a cold answer and make you uncomfortable in company.

But we have some advice for you, how to make it in one new way and not to get a clip from a girl. This is not some new science, but just a common advice and little strategies to make you this first approach easier.

You should try these 11 best ways to start a conversation with a girl

1. Make eye contact

This is the first thing you should make in order to start a conversation with a girl. Make her notice you.

2. Smile

That is a must. If you want to get a response from her then smile. Smiling sends a message that you’re friendly and that further conversation can follow. It will make good atmosphere between you two.

3. Introduce yourself

If she smiles back then go to her and introduce yourself. Make it simple. Say your name and ask for hers. Then try to ask her some questions about her. If you’re on some event ask her what she thinks about it or how is she related to that event. If you met her in the mall, coffee shop or on the street ask her directly for a drink with you.

4. Ask her how her day is going

Once you made the first contact try not to kill your conversation. Ask her about her day, what is she doing at the moment but not too much. You won’t make her thinking you’re some kind of freak wanting to know her privacy on the first date.

5. Talk about common stuff

Talking about weather, education, work, hobbies and those regular kinds of stuff will make comfortable zone and give you a chance to know this girl better. Stay in this zone at the firs date.


6. Ask her about common interests

Asking questions is a sign that you’re interested in her. But not too private questions. Topics from the previous fragment are still the best area.

7. Talk about movies and music

Movies and music and pop culture, in general, is a good way to have a polite and comfortable conversation and you’ll see what is she interested in and there is a chance for a next date.

8. Compliment her

This is a well known and easy part. Women like compliments and give it to her. But be polite in that area also. Compliment her look, interests and ideas but not in a vulgar way. Be a gentleman.

Today, when we have a lot of technology it is often to start a conversation with a girl through some of the social networks. In this case, it is something easier ’cause you do not have to make face to face contact but you have to write a good first line to get a response or not to sound ridiculous. It is also a big advantage that you have time to think what will be next to write and see is the thought good before you click “send”.

9. Make a good first line

Try to be original. Do not type just “hi”, “hello” or “hey beautiful” and expect to get an answer. Say something funny and new. You can google some ideas or ask a friend. You can also find it on our site. We promise we will give you some interesting ideas in the future posts.

10. Send her some funny video, picture or gif

If you know what she likes or what she might like then try with sending her some of it. Funny is always a good approach to start a conversation with a girl.

11. If you have common interest or activities ask her for an opinion

Yeah! Why not? You can send her a message with a question about some topic you know she is good at or familiar with.

In case you two have common friends or you’re in the same company ask someone to introduce you or start a conversation asking her about mutual friend or acquaintance. Maybe this is the easiest and most secure way to start a conversation with a girl and have a chance to know her better.

Good luck!

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