Tips to Choose Sunglasses Fitting to Your Face

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sunglasses for face shape female

Trying to pick the right glasses but never succeed? Always picking the wrong glasses is now the history! We give you several tips how to choose the sunglasses for face shape female. Pick your favorite shape but be aware that they look good on you. Square, round, heart shape, long or short face. Here are solutions for everyone.

There are no two persons in this world who look alike, but the scientist has grouped us in many groups by some of ours traits. We have specifics about body shape, hair, height, the size of the foot and many others.

What is interesting for us when we choose our sunglasses is our face shape. Some shapes fit better to one designs and the opposite. This rule applies when we talk hair styles also, but in this article, we will pay our attention to sunglasses models.

Talking about rules in general expert say that you choose your glasses you should choose opposite shape of your face. So, if you have square face try to soften it with round shape of sunglasses. In case you have round face, pick angular glasses to point it.

When is up to the color of the frame, the best option is to take something that will highlight your skin and hair color. If you want your glasses to be more transparent take some lighter colors. In case you won’t anybody see where are you looking to, then choose black glasses.

What is my face shape? What to choose? Sunglasses for face shape female

Round face shapes

Round face shapes

Round face shapes demand, as we said, some square and angular designs of sunglasses. Also, pick some wider designs of sunglasses with a wider bridge. This will create longer and narrower illusion of your face.

Square face shapes

Square face shapes have the best match with rounder shapes which will soften your cheekbones and wide forehead. Also, try rectangular sunglasses with soft edges and also never overtaken aviators. In the rule, they fit all shapes.

Heart- shaped faces

Heart- shaped faces are characterized by a wide forehead and narrow beard. You will balance this look with aviators sunglasses. There are many designs of aviators. For example rounder, or with square edges, but in the rule, all these designs will fit this face shape.

Narrow face shapes

Narrow face shapes are usually long and you need something to shorter it or to attract attention on your eyes. For that reason pick some round or square sunglasses but with a pattern or some decorative details. Your face shape is very easy for picking sunglasses. Just do not go with some models which will emphasize the narrowness of it.

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What material should my glasses be from?

In general, there are two types of material from which are all sunglasses produced: plastic and wire. These two materials allow us the lighter versions of sunglasses. So, you don’t have to pick a lot. It will be hard to find sunglasses from some other material. Just pick some model with which you’ll be satisfied and beautiful during the sunny days.

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