Tops to Wear with Long Skirt in 2021

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tops to wear with long skirt

This season maxi skirts are must have in the closet of every woman. So we’ve pick great combinations for you. There is an endless number of possibilities how to match tops to wear with long skirt for different occasions.

If you still do not have any long skirt in your closet we don’t know what are you waiting for. Go to the shopping! Pick one of a many great, great long skirt models in your shopping center and enjoy this summer like a real trendy lady.

As we said combination possibilities are endless. In continuation, we will be fashion gurus and show you some ways of wearing a long skirt that we love. The great thing is that trends in the year 2017 are so diversified that out there is something for all of you. So, let us begin!

1.Crop Tops

Black Floral Embroidered Lace Mock Neck Women Crop Tops

Crop tops are an ideal choice if you like to show your belly. If you have a great figure or you want to show your success from the gym, you should definitely choose crop tops to wear with long skirt . It can be one color top, or you can choose a floral pattern. For those with a wild spirit, you can choose some funny, or brave caption. To choose some cartoon character is also a great idea.

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2.Long sleeve tight shirt

Shop more amazing long sleeve tight shirt in

If you want that all attention goes to your skirt, especially if the skirt is with some interesting and striking pattern, then the smartest choice is long sleeve tight shirt. The shirt will be your second skin. To all that if you choose black or some nude shades than you have winner combination. Some piece of jewelry around your neck will be plus.

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3.Wide Shirt

Women’s Body Blouse Top

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For those who do not feel comfortalbe in tight clothes, you wont make mistake with a wide shirt neither. On the contrary, you can build boho relaxing stlye by adding wide shirts to maxi skirts.

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4.White Tank

Camisole Camis Shirt Slim Women Tops

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In the warm summer night when you can not stand a lot of clothes on your body but you don’t want to look vulgar or half naked the mix of maxi skirt and the white tank is just perfect for you. Add to that some piece accessory and tanned skin and you are the queen of the fashion scene. You see? We even have a scrim.

In summer, nights could be colder. For that occasion, we prepare some suggestions also. You have many variants what to wear on upper body part and tops to wear with long skirt will still be in the center of attention.

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Chill Winston Maroon Color Cotton Long Cardigan For Women

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Cardigans are a great choice if you think that blazer or jacket is too warm or too annoying to bring just in case it will be warm. You can put your cardigan in a bag if you bring oversized bags with you, or just put it around your shoulders as an extra fashion accessorize.

When it comes to colors you can literally choose whatever you want. Just be aware, if you have patterned skirt choose one color cardigan and do the opposite in the case of wearing a simpler skirt.

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6.Blazers and jackets

Womens Fashion Slim Jacket Suit Blazer Long Sleeve Short Coat Outerwe

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Some women are more comfortable in sporty combinations and sometimes you need to be a little bit more formally dressed but you still want to feel comfy. In the first case, we recommend leather jackets in combinations with patterned shirts and some simpler kind of skirt, or black shirt and gorgeous floral patterned skirt.

In second case blazer would be just perfect idea when you can look formal and casual both at the same time.

One way or another, ladies be sure that you enjoy your time. In the end that is all that matter.

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