What is Fidget Spinner? Addiction you’d like to have and spin.

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Everybody is using fidget spinner. We give you answers to many questions you ask yourself if you are not familiar with it. What is fidget spinner? Why fidget spinner? How to use fidget spinner? In this article, we explain you everything you should know about fidget spinners.

These days, everywhere you turn around your head, you will notice some little things which school children ( sometimes younger ones also) and grown up people spin in their hand.

It can happen’ that you have no clue what is it, ask someone and they will tell you like you are from the Mars, that it is a fidget spinner ( and think: “How on the Earth you do not know that?”).

Then you will google it and here you are. We will tell you what, why and how? We will explain you everything about fidget spinner even if some fact about this toy is inexplicable.

What is fidget spinner?

Fidget spinner is a toy size of an average palm. It contains two parts: central round part which you can spin and peripheral mostly three tines which you use to spin the spinner.

For what you can use fidget spinner?

People say there is a wide range of using fidget spinner but none of them is proven. Some of them claim that fidget spinner helps by ADHD, anxiety, concentration, stress relief and connection with other people.

Experts have denied all of that. At this very moment, nobody can proove that fidget spinner can help anybody with those conditions except connecting with people. How is that? It can actually help you start a conversation because everybody, when see you spinning your spinner will ask you what is that and you have started your conversation already.

But when it comes to the really meaningful use of this gadget, there is no one.

How should you use it?

It is actually very simple. You do not have to be a scientist to use it or you do not need tutorials where somebody describes you how to spin your spinner. You just have to take spinner in one hand. With you, thumb and index finger hold the central part and with any finger on your other hand you have to spin the fidget spinner and that is literally all the wisdom.

What is the fun?

Nobody can answer that question. As we said many of users claim that calms them down and helps to concentrate. What we know is that teacher across the world are crazy because of it and have banned it in schools. They have said that children use it in the classroom and nobody is concentrated on class ( what they have said about concentration?).

On the other side, school children are crazy about it and everybody has their own in different designs.

Parents, in between, are divided but the majority have bought it to their children.

Why are spinners so popular?

In every era, there is one toy or devices which are totally useless but everyone wanted it and use it. In this era ( and we do not know how long this era will last) fidget spinner is the king of all gadgets. Like it or not it is how it is.

We can wait for something else hoping it will be more useful or enjoy in this trend.

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