What we need to know about introverts and extroverts? Where to find yourself?

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Every one of us has many times heard for introvert and extrovert but how much you really know the difference and have you prejudices about those people? Where do you think you are in this? Read our text below and find out!

Aside from being the same species we have to admit that each of us is very different one from another.  There is a very wide spectre of personalities. There is saying that no two people are alike.

Although, every of us is different there are two groups of behavior and every person aspire to one of them.

These two groups are called introverts and extroverts. To be clear nobody of us is just introvert or just extrovert. We are all some mixture of those two but with slightly leaning to one. Because of that is said that those two groups of personalities are extremes and in between are many types of mixtures that make every person a unique being.

What means introvert and what extrovert? – Definition Introvert and Extrovert

By definition, an introvert is a person who is energized spending time alone. An extrovert is the opposite of it. Many people connect some negative feelings when is introvert mentioned. On the other side when you say for someone that he/ she is extrovert we automatically think about that person in a positive way.

So, in that light in this article, we will explain main differences between those two and what is the most important we will show you that neither side is good or bad. Those are just different people who deal with different situations in their own way and how it is comfortable to them.


Introverts are individuals who are not so outgoing. They like to remain isolated and choose to be friends with just a few people. They are usually reserved and won’t open so easily. Introverts like to spend time alone reading books, watching a movie or doing something else like exploring what they interested in but rather doing it alone. These inwardly focused persons accept changes very slow or not at all. If you meet, or already know some introvert you will notice that they look like pretty quiet persons and often they think before speaking. If you have one of the introverts for your friend you should know that you have a friend who is strongly committed to your relationship and you can be secure that is a friend who won’t let you down easily.


Extroverts are defined like social and talkative people and also like those who make new connections easily. These noticeably outgoing and outspoken persons make new friends and acquaintances in a short time, but on the other side, we can notice that those people have more acquaintances than close friends. In any case, they like to spend time with other people and to openly discuss every topic with them. They think as they speak and have quick reactions on others opinion. Do not think they are not good friends or can not to focus on one person. No! They just have much more distraction and action around themselves.

As we said at the beginning those two groups are extremes. Between those two confines, there is a lot of personalities and people who leaning to one side or the other. You will recognize different behavioural patterns in one person but that is what makes us so special and wonderful. Isn’t it?

Where do you find yourself in these 2 groups? We would like to hear your comment 🙂

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