What to wear with blue top? Blue top is must have this season.

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The blue top is must have this season and if you do not wear it on hot summer nights or on the streets in the middle of working week, better be sure that will change after reading of this article.

We will be so kind to show you all ours secrets and favorites on this topic. We have made a little bit of exploring for you. It depends on you now! Whether you will dare and dress the blue top in many different combinations or you will be boring on the street and in the office with some regular combinations.

Believe us, ladies. You want to be noticed! You want to be catchy and original at the same time. Blue top in those crazy and stylish combinations is just final touch to shine.

Read further. We will give you some great useful directions.

1.What to wear with blue top? Option1 Black / Jeans Shorts

Shorts in almost all colors are a very good choice with a blue top. You should always think about what shade of blue you wear, but basically, with all shades, a perfect fit is black/jeans shorts. Because of that, we recommend those combinations for this summer.

In those hot summer days, shorts are excellent choice to beat the heat

But we want you not to be robbed for other combinations too. Here are some good suggestions to combine blue top with other colors.

Shorts in different colors for those chick who do not like to wear jeans in summer days

2.What to wear with blue top? Option2 – Regular Jeans

It is not a secret that regular jeans go with basically everything. Blue top is not an exception.

Feel young and ambitious

To hear the combination up we recommend torn jeans. It makes you younger and fancier. This combination is not for the office or for some meeting but it goes great for afternoon coffee or walks with a friend.

3.What to wear with blue top? Option3 – Printed Skirts

For those with a more girly spirit and big fans of skirts in the summer period, we have chosen printed skirts with blue tops like the best combination. It can be floral printed skirts or some other print, whatever you like, but just remember to wisely combine the colors. In any case, we do not doubt on you.

If you are not comfortable with short skirts or your age “are not anymore for half naked legs” that does not mean that you can not be fancy. Contrary there is many many combinations with long skirts which could be fabulous.

4.What to wear with blue top? Option4 – Pants in many colors

For daily routine, especially if you are a business woman, or college girl the most comfortable and easiest combinations are those with pants.

To refresh casual combinations and go out of grayness of everyday combinations, colored pants are the best idea.

You can choose between red, white, beige, black… The list goes on and on. Here are some examples.

Blue is geartfull color and goes with

For more fashion and trend advices follow us. We will give you catchy and useful directions for everyday lifestyle.

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