White and Gold rules the festive season!

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Festivals are the times where we all make an effort to look extra special. So, with glamor and grandeur, let’s step into the festivities in white and gold.

Festivals are auspicious occasions that call for celebration with friends and family. We keep aside all the stress we have in our every day life and embrace the joy of togetherness. During this time, women love to adorn themselves with jewellery and beautiful ethnic wear. So, by following the most loved and ever growing trend, let’s step into the festivities in white and gold.                               

As everyone knows, India is a land of festivals and it feels like there is at least one festival per month. Each festival has its own significance and fashion designers come up with different themes and colors for their collections during the season. Although different festivals invite different colors, the combination of white and gold remains  the most elegant of them all.

While white stands for purity, gold signifies wealth, grandeur, prosperity and glamor. So, the combination of white and gold is considered to be very auspicious and is worn especially during festivals and marriages. This trend was first adopted from the people of Kerala and is seen among Bollywood celebrities in the recent times. And it did not take much time to reach the wardrobes of ordinary consumers.

Ethnic wear in white and gold is not just a tradition but it suits pretty well on all skin tones. And moreover, it adds shine and glow to your overall look. Even though the times have changed and girls have adopted western fashion, they usually prefer wearing traditional clothes like sari or salwar kameez during the festivals.


Sari is a traditional wear for women in India. A five to nine yard fabric is draped over the body and every Indian woman looks absolutely gorgeous in it. The clothing style accentuates the beauty of a woman while sticking to the traditions and cultural heritage of India. Designers have brought many changes to the original saris in terms of cuts, designs and embroidery. They are definitely more modernized, grabbing the attention of the youth today.

With the inclusion of new trends like, off-the shoulder, cold shoulder, ruffles, etc, for the blouse designs, saris have become the most sought-after clothing during festivals. Experiment with different trends but stick to the ones that suit your taste and style. Whatever the trend is, you look the best only when it suits you.

Gold rules the festive season

Maxis Cotton Saree

Rani Saahiba Synthetic Saree

Salwar Kameez:

For the ones who do not like to wear a sari, salwar kameez comes to the rescue. Even though there are absolute differences in the cuts and style of the garment, it is still considered as traditional wear. In the recent times, there have been many changes in the cuts of the upper garment called Kameez and the lower garment called Salwar.The trends such as Anarkali, culottes, etc., are the new forms of salwar kameez. They are being worn by young women, especially for traditional occasions. The best thing about salwar kameez is that you can always style it according to your comfort. Add the right accessories and create the look you desire. The white and gold salwar kameez just looks amazingly gorgeous on any woman and you are never overdressed when you wear it.

Anything you wear, wear it with the right attitude and confidence. Nothing can beat that. With a bright smile, let’s step into the festivities in white and gold. You are surely going to shine brighter and look better.

I would definitely choose a salwar kameez over a sari, any day because of the comfort factor. Which one would you prefer? Let me know in the comments section below.

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