Why relationships fail?

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These days you’ll hear very often that someone is breaking up or that some of your friends do not live together anymore. Or you feel that your relationship could fail in the near future. The question is why relationships fail? We give you an answer on that question and we give you solutions too.

The common and usually asked question these days is “Why relationships fail?”. We have a big number,  especially for young people, who start their relationships and after some short time, they ended it.

It slowly becomes a problem because many ask themselves what is the problem and is the problem in them, in bad partner choice or in their behavior.

Older generations claim that young people are not patient and willing to fix their relationships. They claim that younger use the motto that is easier to end than to fix it.

Is it really so and why?

We give you seven reason what could be a potential problem in your relationship and how to fix or just try to fix it.

7 Reasons why relationships fail?


Communication is one of the keys to a good relationship and when it is broken chances for ending relationship soon are huge. If you want to have a healthy and good relationship you have to have time for communication. If a problem arises communication is first what you have to do if you don’t want to ask yourself why did your relationship fail.

2.Time together

In the 21st century, we notice the lack of time everywhere. Everyone is in hurry for money, for a job, career achievement, traveling and being seen on events. What we forget here are the beloved ones. We have to spend more time with them and a quality time talking, laughing, walking, traveling. That’s what makes one relationship steady and secure. In this way, you’ll build an atmosphere of trust and good communication. What man needs more to be happy?

3.Personal space

Yeah, we said that you have spent time together but not the whole time. For good relationship between two people, it needs to be some personal space for the personal development of each. Let them some time alone to read some books, to have some time with friends and family. When you’re once again together you’ll have some new topics to talk and that will build your relationship stronger.


Also, giving to your partner some personal space will build trust in your relationship what is one of the main reason why relationships fail. Where is no trust, there is a lot of fight about where someone spends the time and in whose company and those are bad foundations for happiness and peace in someone’s life.


This is the fifth loop in the chain for someone to be happy with another person. Loyalty is a must in one relation. If there is no loyalty then there is no faithfulness also and that leads to lack of trust, love, communication and at the end, it leads every couple to break up.


This is something different problem which does not depend on any of factor mentioned above. Every person has to be careful and sincere to himself at the beginning of the relationship and admit it if some other person is compatible with you or not. Maybe, at the beginning of the relationship that will not be a big problem because you’re in love and everything is pink but later when your emotions calm down this problem will get on the surface and lead you to separation.


One more reason why many relationships fail are changes we have in our lives. During the long period and our whole life, we change. Every person has different tempo and way of changing and if two persons in the couple grow in a different way that might be a problem after some time. How to deal with it? Do things together, spend time together so your changing process will have a lot of in common and differences will be manageable.

In the end do not be in fear finding reasons why a relationship fails and trying so hard to eliminate them. Everything is a destiny. You can give someone stars and won’t be enough. When the right person comes you’ll figure it out and you’ll be happy. Just pick wisely.

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