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Why You Should Go For Cryotherapy Facial


Ever heard of cryotherapy facial or commonly known as frotox? Well, this is the newest skin treatment every celeb is going for. The beauty industry is not sleeping and we are waking up to new ways of skin care treatment every day. Read on to know more about cryotherapy .

What Is Cryotherapy Facial?  

Cryotherapy facial is the use of extremely cold vaporized liquid nitrogen air to your face and neck areas. The near-freezing steam of air is exposed to your face for a few minutes and it is believed to treat a variety of skin conditions on your face.

cryotherapy facial
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How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Before the cryotherapy facial treatment begins, your face is massaged thoroughly and cleansed. This process helps in eliminating toxins and also eases tension from your facial muscles. After that, your face is exposed to different light frequencies to kill bacteria, aid repair and also boost collagen production. Your face might also be exposed to steam to extract any breakouts a session known as microdermabrasion. All these processes help in improving your skin health.

The cryotherapy facial session begins with your eyes being covered with protective safety glasses. Icy cold nitrogen in liquid form is pumped all over your face and neck areas for about ten to 20 minutes. To avoid a particular spot of your face from getting too cold, the tube is constantly moved all over your face without spending a prolonged time on a specific area.

When your face is exposed to freezing temperatures, the process triggers a natural healing mechanism. The intense cold freezes and kills skin cells on contact.

The cryotherapy facial procedure is followed by popular spa facial treatments. The most common are; a hydrating mask that boosts your skin health, facial massage or even LED light therapy that increases your skin glow. After the whole process, your face will feel tighter and smooth.

cryotherapy facial
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What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy Facial?

  • It improves blood circulation. The intense cold air used during the cryotherapy facial procedure makes your blood vessels to constrict and expand. This improves blood flow in your skin making your skin glow.
  • Tightens your skin pores.  The icy cold temperatures tighten your skin pores. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in your pores. This leaves your skin brighter and radiant.
  • Reduces acne. Exposing the sebaceous glands to freezing temperatures reduces the sebum producing cells and this reduces acne in your face.
  • The cold air also exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells. Your skin is left appealing youthful and smoother.
  • It eases the pain. Exposing injured areas to cold temperatures numbs the injured area and also prevents swelling.

Does cryotherapy Facial Hurt?

cryotherapy facial
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Cryotherapy facial is a non-invasive treatment that does not hurt at all. It is only a cold therapy performed for a few minutes and you acquire a new skin. Before scheduling for an appointment for cryotherapy facial, it’s good to discuss it with your doctor to see if you are a good fit because of the potential risks involved with the procedure.

If you always dream to have a radiant skin that is spotless and glowing, cryotherapy facial should be your next thing to do. It is a one-stop treatment with loads of benefits all in one package.

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